Artist Name: Pietro Di Maio
Country: Italy
Category: DeeJay / Producer
Genres: Techno


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Everything was born in 1994 when he went dancing with friends in the nightclubs he was never in a "dance floor", but he was always fascinated by that called "console" station because he was there to see how the DJ was moving and his techniques mixing. From those nights spent in the disco that was born the passion for music and a gratifying estimate of DJs so much that they want to become.
His career began in 1995 through some of his friends who already practiced the dj's profession, asking them to teach him how he was doing. The first response was: "That's the console, put a disk" and without explanation it started to try.
After so many attempts he was able to mix the first songs until one of his friends told him to go with him on an evening, concluding the evening in the best of ways taking a decision that would change his life. With the years he began working as a dj resident in various Italian discos.
In 2012, after years of experience, he began working on productions of various types of music such as House, Techouse, Techno without neglecting his presence in console.