XXTR Mastering Service

XXTR Mastering Service

XXTraxx Records Studio offer to all external artists a professional Mastering Service based on XXTR Studio Italy run by Thomas Zaniboni, specialising in techno, trance, dance music and all other types of electronic music.
If you would like your music mastered by XXTR Studio, here's how to proceed:

Step One

Service Price:
* 1 TRACK = 30,00 EURO
* 2 TRACK = 55,00 EURO
* 3 TRACK = 80,00 EURO
* 4 TRACK = 100,00 EURO
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Please pay for your tracks in advance via PayPal. In the PayPal payment description please ensure you let us know your artist name so we can match your payment to the audio files we receive in step three.

Step Two

Please check your music is:
* Labelled correctly: Artist Name - Track Name (Additional info in brackets if required).
* 44.1kHz or above.
* 24bit or above.
* .wav files. No other formats will be accepted.
* -6dB or -3dB headroom between the loudest peak of the track and 0dB.
* No limiter on your master output and no clipping. No dither required on your pre-master.
* If any of this sounds confusing or you are unsure, drop us an email to clarify.

Step Three

Then, upload the song(s) to SoundCloud(Private Link and Downloadable), Sendspace, WeTransfer or DropBox and email us a link to download them here, and don't forget to include your own email address so we can contact you. We will get back to you as soon as possible to let you know we have received the files and when you can expect to get your mastered files returned to you. If there are particular comments you would like to make regarding the tracks, or any problem areas you would like the engineer to pay particular attention too, this can be discussed at this stage through emails too. Average turnaround time is 3 working days, and rarely more than that.

Send Your Pre-Master Track