Artist Name: Just 9eorge
Country: Greece
Category: DeeJay / Producer
Genres: Techno, Hard Techno


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Born in 1980 and raised in Thessaloniki (Greece) George started as a guitar and bass player at the age of 16. He formed his first bands with friends, and had his first live acts in festivals around Greece.
In 1999 he had his first release (as “Kumey”) and various tunes (as “The higher human form”) like "Assymetric Duty Ratio", "I Hear Them Call" and "Flyborg". His debut album CD (Nevrohighways/Z.M.A) was highly appreciated all over the place and was featured in charts around the world.
Following up this release he played many live sets at festivals and clubs next to DJ's and bands like Atmos, Ticon, Human Blue, Cosmictone, X-Dream, Delta, Charasmatrix and others.
As “Salvation becomes light” he released the track "New Breath" via Plus Rec. which was placed first in a national radio contest and the track "Sadness" via Unicorn Music.
From 2007 to present he continuously works with Kostas Tikis as 9west. Together they've put more than 100 releases (cd’s vinyls & digital releases) on the circuit which have been released via labels like Dessous, King Street Sounds, Nite Grooves, Liebe Detail, MGF, and Klik records. They performed live acts in Europe, Mexico and Russia and supported from top Djs around the globe.
“Just 9eorge” is the name of his solo project aiming a blend of dance music with raw guitar experimentations and techniques. Started from Street king and audiomatique Just 9eorge continued to sign his music and remixes (for Natural flow, Omar El Gamal) under the Movement team flag. His first E.P (Sea and sand) was selected as part of John Diqweed's transitions and supported by Nick Muir.
His music also released by Asymmetric Recordings, Eyes of the owl records, just movement.
“Sonic Years Later” is the new very promising project formed along with Dimitris Hatziiordanou (dj Deseville), with live acts in clubs like Ministry of sound and festivals(Prime fest. Austria), and releases in upcoming labels around the world.