Artist Name: Gi Jody
Country: USA
Category: DeeJay / Producer
Genres: Techno, Hard Techno


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Gi Jody started DJing in the mid 90’s during his nomadic travels through South America.
When he eventually returned to his home in Canada he became a staple of the Western Canadian electronic music scene. During that time he graced the stage at countless underground parties and music festivals.
With a collection of vintage analog synths and drum machines, coupled with a head for sound design and stage production, he built his own live PA act.
Gi Jody went on to tour Canada playing his own brand of Acid Techno, Psychedelic Trance and Breakbeats.
Currently he is living in Los Angeles, California where he is focused on producing hard banging Psy-trance and Techno that he flavors with distorted driving tb303 bass lines.
Always looking to push the envelope, and blur the line between DJing and LivePA, look for him to find new creative ways to bring his music to the stage in the future.