Artist Name: G4BR1
Country: Netherlands
Category: DeeJay / Producer
Genres: Techno / Hard Techno


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G4BR1 (Gabriele Bindi), Pisa(IT), is an Italian Dj, Producer and Remixer based in Amsterdam (NL).
Known for his hard and dark Techno sound, G4BR1 begins his musical career at age 6 when his father, Daniele, introduces him to music.
First to the guitar (classic, electric and acoustic), and then to the piano.
At the same time, at age 10, G4BR1 starts to be passionate about electronic genre.
He makes his first move by playing Techno "Old School", "stealing" secrets and vinyls from his older brother, Giorgio.
At age 16, G4BR1 moves to Milan (IT) to attend the CPM School, Center Profession Music.
In 2008 G4BR1 moves to Berlin (DE) where he collaborates and plays with many local underground artists.
He is soaked with that atmosphere and that groove, which later becomes his musical genre: techno, hard techno and dark techno.
In 2009, G4BR1 completes a Master Pro Level 2, moves to Amsterdam (NL), and begins to produce music in 2013.
G4BR1 is currently working and collaborating with the labels Crossworlder Music (UK), Forwarduntoless (NL), Love Beat Records and Yousel Records(IT).
G4BR1 has a collaboration with the Italian duo B&S Project (IT) and with the owner of Love Beat Records, Alec Ben (IT).
G4BR1 already performed in The Netherlands, Italy, Malta, Ukraine, Germany and France.
G4BR1 is currently playing as resident at Amsterdam's Techno Concept Kube.