We are always happy to recive new demos

XXTR Demo Policy

XXTraxx Records is always pleased to receive new demo's, if you feel that your tracks are of a good quality for the current market and reflect the style of our label then send us your demo.
All tracks must be original and must not contain any third-party content, before to sending the demo you must sure to provide us a clean .wav file format with no compressors and limiters, @ -6dB Master from your producing software/system.
Please note that we accept only tracks Techno with a range of bpm from 125 to 135, do not forget to include in the application email any informations about you, like: Artist Name, Title of Tracks, your complete discography and your contact details.
To send us your demo we recommend using online services such as: SoundCloud (Private Link and Downloadable), Sendspace, WeTransfer or DropBox and then you attach to email the download link of your tracks.
Only if we are interested to your demo, you will receive a reply email with all details in 3-4 working days.


Techno Genres: Techno, Hard Techno, Acid Techno, Progressive Techno, Melodic Techno
File Format Must To Be: Wave, 16bit or above, 44.1kHz or above, -6dB or -3dB headroom between the loudest peak of the track and 0dB
Track Submission: Minimoums 2 Tracks
NOTE: All Demos that are not as our Demo Policy request will be not considering!

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