Artist Name: B&S Project
Country: Italy
Category: DeeJay / Producer
Genres: Techno


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The B&S project is a duo consisting of Scrocchy and Brent, born respectively in april '84 and may '87. They knew each other at the beginning of the new millennium as frequenters of the most famous clubs of that period.They began singly the DJ career and, appreciating each other's sets, they decided to cooperate becoming a small, inseparable group.
In the first decade of the new millennium began their escalation in the music world; they started playing in small bars and clubs, until they reach the most famous discos of Verona and outskirtses, such as Berfi's club (VR), Dehor (BS), Florida (BS), Fura (BS), Le Plaisir club (BS), and finally coming at the most important of the city, Alter Ego club.
The B&S Project were well known also for their sunday's explosive aperitif-party, L'Aperitivo Elettronico, that was founded at the beginning of 2007 and it survived till about 2015, claiming also very important collaborations with Cirillo, Paolo Martini, Paul C, Walter S and many more.
In the last years they have been playing as freelancers in many parties such as Hallelujah, BeSun and Movieland Music festival. In the last years they also had the pleasure to know their friends Alec Ben and G4BR1, and starting collaborations and a great friendship with them.
In terms of music, during the years the B&S Project passed through many stages, following the new sonorities of house music current, such as the electronic influence of the beginning of 2000, the diffusion of minimal music since 2007, the introduction of the (new) tech house and concluding with techno of the last years; all this obviously through different and sometimes slim nuances. All these influences make them play dynamic and powerful sets, that every time make the dance floors break out.
Instead, the first approaches to the musical production by the B&S Project occurred in 2007 and 2008, but the real exploit is at the end of 2011, when, feeling completely ready, they begin to publish their tracks on different labels, such as Piso Records, Adrenalina Records, Hanzo (Traxacid), Turning Wheel Records, Ethica Recordings, Love Beat Records, Undeliving, Forward Unto Less records, Yousel, Paul’s Boutique and many more.