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XXTraxx Records is a Italian record label founded in 2015 by TomDJ (Thomas Zaniboni) an Italian deejay and producer since 1990, Label Manager Andrea Giuditta is a top Italian deejay and producer on the techno progressive scene in the 90’s and a part of story in a one of best Italian dance club "Club Imperiale".
Since 1990 the electronic music has evolved into an incredible number of subgenres, today our label focuses on Techno music and Trance music, the our Techno music includes Techno, Hard Techno and Acid Techno, the our Trance music includes Trance, Uplifting Trance, Psy-Trance and also Techno-Trance Old-School style or more commonly known in Italy as "Progressive".


Our target is to produce high quality music for DJ's and club lovers with a powerful style and progressive sound without compromise, today our label focused on Techno and Trance music scene with a modern and innovative style but with a tuch of old-school.
The XXTR tracks style consists of: power kick and power bassline, power and melodic synth, acid lines and psychedelic style, the our range of bpm are: Techno from 125bpm to 135bpm, Trance above 135bpm.
In the current electronic music scene the producer born first and then becomes DJ, our style is slightly different because we think that before being a producer you have to be DJ as it was in the 90's for example! From DeeJay's To DeeJay's!


Our label produces and distributes his music on more than 300 stores worldwide with the our partners who work with us like Beatport, Junodownload, iTunes, Trackitdown, Spotify, Amazon Music, Beats Music, Google Play, Deezer, DJTunes.com, Youtube, djshop.de, 7digital, HMVdigital, mp3.de, Dancetunes.com, Pulseloker, Traxsource.com, Virginmega.com, Hitlab.com and many others, furthermore we offer to our artists a professional and comprehensive service in order to achieve a higher level of musical quality like Mastering Service and Professional Support directly from our Recording Studio (Italy).
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